Job Cell Materials Engineering Technician in Dartmouth

Cell Materials Engineering Technician

Job description
What to Expect

We are looking for a Cell Materials Engineering Technician for a cross functional Cell Engineering team to perform chemical analysis, materials characterization and support battery materials R&D and various engineering projects. Candidates should have experience working in chemistry lab environment, operating chemical analysis and materials characterization instruments, coin cell fabrication and coin cell testing. Pouch cell testing and experience with custom fixtures is a plus. The primary responsibilities will be to prepare chemical and material samples, operate the analysis instruments, build coin cells and 3-electrode cells, keep good record of the data, and help keep the lab safe and efficient.

What You’ll Do
  • Operate various chemical analysis and materials characterizations instruments to provide the analysis results to the engineering team
  • Prepare standard electrodes for material level coin cell evaluation
  • Troubleshoot the instruments and arrange regular maintenance working with other team members and the instrument vendors
  • Fill pouch cells and test them
  • Help with manual tasks around the lab such as organizing lab benches and stock room, replacing gas cylinders, and general maintenance.
  • Document sample preparation process and analysis results in an organized and timely manner
  • Help engineers develop new SOP for challenging sample analysis
  • Report any issues related to the process and/or the lab and help find the solution
What You’ll Bring
  • Able to operate XRD, TGA, FTIR, PSA, BET, and SEM
  • Wet slurry processing and electrode fabrication
  • Cell fabrication and testing
  • Good communication skills
  • Experience working with air-sensitive materials and/or battery materials is preferred.
  • Knowledge in MATLAB, Python, and/or similar data analysis tool is preferred.
Job Cell Materials Engineering Technician in Dartmouth