Job contact centre manager in Markham

contact centre manager

Job description
  • Education: College/CEGEP
  • Experience: 5 years or more
  • Tasks

  • Assign, co-ordinate and review projects and programs
  • Plan and control budget and expenditures
  • Plan and direct research
  • Assist staff with administrative or technical problems
  • Develop action plans, provide expertise in response to client needs, and support and advise project teams
  • Direct and advise staff in the development and implementation of service quality assessment strategies
  • Plan, administer and control budgets for client projects, contracts, equipment and supplies
  • Plan, develop and organize the policies and procedures of establishments
  • Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of establishments that provide services to business
  • Work Term: Permanent
  • Work Language: English
  • Hours: 40 hours per week

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Job contact centre manager in Markham

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