Graphic & Social Design Intern

Job description

Hi everyone! We're Reicura - a multi-faceted creative agency and we're looking for a few Fall/Winter interns to join us for our graphic design internship!

Our internships are flexible and can be geared towards the experience you are looking for, where you can work with our exciting clients that span industries like lifestyle, food, fashion, tech, nonprofit, and more.

Internships are completed in exchange for college/university credit used to which can be used to graduate from your program.

Graphic Design internship duties will include:

  • Supporting the social teams with content creation
  • Supporting the design team with graphics, photography, and other visual creation
  • Working on art direction & photoshoot conceptualizing/production

Your skillsets include:

  • Use of the Adobe Suite (required)
  • Understanding of motion/video design (preferred)
  • Photography and/or videography (preferred)
  • Understanding of designing/creating content for social media (heavily preferred)

We believe in developing interns into fully competent professionals. Our team has a ton of experience spanning across Canada, Europe and the U.S. and we want to get you involved. We believe that if you give people wings, they will fly - so we treat our interns like human beings (ie. no 'get fetch me a coffee' BS, or whatever the Zoom equivalent would be), and we ensure that you gain REAL experience with REAL projects and earn REAL professional skills.

We've built a great environment within our boutique agency, and we're looking for a couple of interns to join us to get some real-world design experience at a unique firm that has a lot of interesting projects on the go.

About You

We're not going to list all the usual, normal skills that we assume you already have if you bothered to click this job ad and read this far. You know the drill - be able to read/write/talk competently, etc etc. Like, it goes without saying that you know how to use the Adobe really what we'd want from you is to be someone who's good at thinking creatively, and who's exciting to learn and grow personally & professionally!

If you're a current student (or recent grad) looking to intern with a team of fun creative people, then give us a shout and include a personalized message about yourself AND INCLUDE YOUR PORTFOLIO!

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Internship / Co-op


  • Monday to Friday