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Job Description:

Reporting to the Manager, Healthy Living, is responsible for developing public health communication strategies and health promotion interventions, applying knowledge of the social determinants of health, health promotion and community development; conducting environmental scans and political analysis to develop recommendations based on health policy frameworks and evidence-based literature; identifying program priorities by reviewing and analyzing existing epidemiological, behavioural and socio-demographic data, and thorough assessments of community assets and needs; and collaborating with community partners to help promote an evidence-informed population health promotion approach that includes identifying health issues and strategically engaging in programming, education, advocacy, capacity building, and policy initiatives.


  • Assesses community needs and analyzes information with respect to public health issues.
  • Conducts literature and environmental scans to determine best practices for health promotion and social marketing initiatives.
  • Identifies and recommends strategies to achieve program objectives and ensure the delivery of a comprehensive program, based on program budgets.
  • Incorporates teaching-learning principles and behavioural change strategies to encourage individuals and communities to improve their health.
  • Ensures health promotion products meet Regional, Departmental and Branch standards.
  • Facilitates and coordinates the development of communication plans and social marketing strategies for programs and services including issues management, media and advertising campaigns.
  • Identifies emerging health trends and issues and provides analysis based on evidence; prepares briefings, reports and recommendations that will influence strategic initiatives, programs and policy development that will impact health outcomes.
  • Conducts research and analysis utilizing various data sources including the internet, social media, peer reviewed literature and focus groups.
  • Collaborates with community partners in development of partnerships to improve access to clients and community.
  • Participates on various internal and external committees and task forces as directed.
  • Acts as a program representative on internal or external committees, as assigned.
  • May occasionally be required to respond to emergency situations outside of normal business hours, as related to the Departmental Emergency Plan.


  • Successful completion of a Master’s Degree in Public Health with a focus on Health Promotion; or equivalent approved combination of education and experience.
  • Minimum three (3) years of experience in community based health promotion program development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, including conducting situational assessments and environmental scans to identify community assets, resources, challenges and gaps.
  • Experience with developing plans to implement program goals, objectives, evaluation, and implementation steps, including budgets.
  • Knowledge of and experience with social media, and conducting research, including the analysis of statistical data and trends.
  • Critical understanding of theoretical approaches, methods and strategies required for health promotion activities and interventions.
  • Thorough understanding of population health assessments and population health promotion models.
  • Knowledge of and demonstrated ability in corporate core competencies including communication, teamwork and collaboration, and personal ownership.
  • Knowledge of the social determinants of health, culturally-relevant and appropriate approaches with people form diverse cultural, socioeconomic and educational backgrounds.
  • Capable of describing the range of interventions available to address population and public health issues.
  • Able to demonstrate how the work of health promotion supports the organization’s vision, mission and priorities.

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Job Health Promoter in Newmarket

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