Job Roads and Traffic Centre Operator (Traffic Management Centre Operator) in Sharon, CA

Roads and Traffic Centre Operator (Traffic Management Centre Operator)

Sharon, CA
Job description
Job Description:


Reporting to the Supervisor, Traffic Management Operations, is responsible for monitoring and reporting on the operation of and disruptions to the traffic flow on the Regional road network; liaising with and compiling and organizing information from and for various stakeholders regarding road closures, disruptions and events; coordinating and implementing road disruption responses with various parties; operating communications equipment and monitoring alarm and status equipment in support of Department operations, updating equipment records and material inventories; receiving calls and maintaining accurate records of issues via tracking software; monitoring the Region’s traffic control system for faults and initiating the response for repairs; maintaining data in Traffic Management Systems and performing quality analyses within Traveler Information Systems.


  • Monitors the Regional road network for road disruptions, including the use of monitoring technologies (e.g. CCTV, Bluetooth detection, commercial traffic flow data, mobile application data, etc.).
  • Provides support in administering the Ontario One Call Program by managing locate requests, issuing work orders to locates service providers, clearing locate requests and providing 360 feedback to Ontario One Call within legislated timeframe.
  • Receives calls as part of 24-hour, seven-days-per-week service; provides general information; coordinates responses and dispatches appropriate Regional staff for emergency response.
  • Provides 24-hour, seven-days-per-week support to Roads Operations based on seasonal requirements.
  • Communicates with operational partners (e.g. York Regional Police, municipal representatives, conservation and rail authorities, Transit Management Centre, and Roads Maintenance) to identify unplanned road disruptions or events.
  • Monitors Region’s traffic control signal systems for faults and failures and initiates repairs through contractors, Technologists etc. as required.
  • Coordinates operational responses to road disruption events, including implementation of and/or recommending temporary modifications in traffic control signal timing and plans, in a manner that is both safe and optimal for road network efficiency, in accordance with established operating procedures and guidelines.
  • Performs quality control checks on all traveller information channels.
  • Coordinates dissemination of timely and effective traveler information via external channels (e.g. broadcast media, operating partners, etc.,) in consultation with the Department’s Communication Unit, and in accordance with Corporate Communications standards, guidelines and procedures.
  • Assists in development of Standard Operating Procedures to describe routine and non-routine operational instructions for various tasks.
  • Communicates with various Regional staff, local municipalities, YRP, contractors, and other stakeholders regarding road closure activities.
  • Responds to inquiries and resolves concerns, as appropriate.
  • Performs other duties as assigned, in accordance with Branch and Department objectives.


  • Successful completion of a Community College Diploma specializing in Traffic Signals/Control Systems or approved equivalent combination of education and experience in a traffic management environment.
  • Minimum one (1) year experience in a traffic operations and/or dispatch environment (i.e. traffic management centre operator or traffic signal control operator or dispatcher positions).
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the applications and data reporting technology related to traffic management systems.
  • Knowledge of Regional road system and corporate structure.
  • Knowledge and demonstrated ability in corporate core competencies including communication, innovation, teamwork and collaboration, and personal ownership.
  • Excellent communication skills to interact with all levels of Regional staff, public, local municipalities and other stakeholders in emergency situations.

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Job Roads and Traffic Centre Operator (Traffic Management Centre Operator) in Sharon, CA

York Region

Sharon, CA